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A Superfood Six Step Plan:

1: Drive to Kye’s on Montana Avenue. Post Unplug session earns you extra points.

2: Order a signature KyeRito, naturally gluten-free and also available paleo or vegan. Created by Jeanne Cheng who has degrees in Molecular Biology, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and Spiritual Psychology, Kye’s is a love letter to her son Kye whose name not only means food in Maori, but also in Hawaiian and Japanese represents the ocean and in Chinese means to open, to expand and to champion. All the necessary ingredients to create a new category of fast casual, fun, healthful eating. My personal favorites include the BBQ Pork (yes pork found here), the Nahm Jim (with its killer Thai-inspired fish sauce) and a Fresh Mint Shake (hard to spot the hidden yams).

3: Watch the video and learn how to properly eat your KyeRito.

4: Apply your newly acquired wrap unwrapping skills to your order which has just arrived.

5: Take a bite and say hello to your new obsession.

6: Share the love and spread Kye Chi far and wide.



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