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The Grill Iron: An Education in Tailgating

Tastemade, Hyundai and I recently put together a killer program that marries tailgating with serious cheffing for a series called “The Grill Iron.” Now even if you aren’t the most die-hard of college football fans or even a tailgater yourself, I promise that there is something here for everyone. While the food closeups are reason enough to watch, what drew me in was learning more about the dynamic food culture and serious sustainability going on coast to coast and in towns big and small.

Below are links to a couple of my favorites which share the common theme of, as Nan Kohler of Grist & Toll puts it, “preserving absolutely everything.” Whether it is Chef Bruce Kalman of Union in Pasadena and his Breakfast Polenta with Smoked Duck featuring milled the day before polenta or Chef Alexis Chong of Sway in Austin and her Texas-Thai Fish Skewers highlighting native blue gill and shiso from Austin’s Agua Dulce ”aquaponic” drought resistant farm, it has never been a better time to eat, cheer and tailgate local.


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Soupfully Superior



(Photo courtesy of www.soupure.com)

and so much healthier. So I did the juice cleanse thing once or twice and never really felt the promised boost in energy and increased well-being, etc. Mostly I was just really hungry. And grumpy. But it was the exact minute that my tween daughter told me that she wanted to do one too that I pulled the plug. Immediately. The last thing our girls need to think is that they shouldn’t be eating real food. Hence my excitement upon hearing that soup is the new juice. Full of nutrients and perfectly simple as we head into fall thanks to these two Los Angeles based companies delivering straight to your door.


“Body Pure. Mind Strong.” Soupure has found a brilliant way to combine all the truly necessary ingredients to make this possible in a single ultra-satisfying bottle.  While my kids love the Energize cold soup made of strawberries, cashew cream, coconut water and honey, I love it for the boost of Vitamin C, oleic acid and fiber it gives them as they head off to school. Then the Boost is an ideal desk side lunch for me packed with miso and shitake mushrooms renowned for fighting off infections and anti-aging properties. Broths, consummes and waters enhance the line with additional creative combinations coming soon. http://www.soupure.com/


(Photo courtesy of www.jecook.co)


With renowned, award-winning chef David Feau at the helm of jeCook, there is no question that the caliber of ingredients and combinations will be anything short of excellent. Marrying his French upbringing and classical training in some of the world’s most respected kitchens (Patina, anyone?) with his lifelong passion for gardening has resulted in a line of soups that would be at home in any of the city’s best restaurants, but are in fact right at home in yours. Our family favorites were Vichyssoise, French Onion, Sweet Spring Peas and Peppermint and Cauliflower with Tumeric. All truly exceptional. Easy to grab on your way to the office or quickly heat for a last minute dinner, I can see us having a stash on hand at all times. http://www.jecook.co/

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