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Brilliantshine Shines in Santa Monica


Top of many Westsiders gripe list? Not having a proper watering hole. Well, take that one off the list. Because as of 5pm today, nationally renowned mixologist Julian Cox (trust me you’ve had his libations whether at Bestia or Petty Cash) is putting down roots of his own, along with partner Josh Goldman, to open Brilliantshine in the old Renee’s space at 5th and Wilshire. Gone are the days of Red Bull and Vodka as a new era of indulgence is ushered in at this storied space. Add to this fab food from Richie Lopez, one of their chef friends from Picca, and a operating license that goes way, way back allowing for late-night antics and the next chapter is more than ready to be written.


P.S. There will be weekend brunch too. Perfect for all of you (like me) who prefer weekend day drinking to 2 am last calls.


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A Plan Check Happy Dance

What makes my daughter do her happy dance? An awesome lunch of course and especially the one she enjoyed over the weekend at Plan Check on Sawtelle. Fried chicken and pickles does the trick- or was it the sugar rush from her root beer float? You be the judge.

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